Inshore the Roosterfish is without a doubt the most targetted of all the species. Growing to over 70 pounds, these fish hit hard and fight even harder.

The Roosterfish will hit top water poppers and other swim baits but to consistantly catch quality Roosterfish we use a variety of live baits such as herring and goggle-eyes.


-Casting poppers around rocky structures and beaches will bring explosive Roosterfish attacks. Diving lures and jigs will also provide some action when the fish are active.

Live Bait

-Live bait is hands down the best way to catch quality Roosterfish. We use a variety of 'livies' such as Threadfin Herring, Blue Runners, Goggle-Eyes and Lookdowns(moonfish) to name a few. The baits are slow trolled around rocks, reefs and beaches.