The typically calm seas, blue skies and abundance of sailfish and marlin attract anglers who are up for the challenge.


Inshore we target a variety of hard hitting, strong fighting warm water species like the prized Roosterfish.

Bottom Fishing

Several species of Snappers and Grouper are the main target here, plus Amberjacks and record size Pompano

tuna fishing costa rica

Tuna and Wahoo

Yellowfin Tuna are found offshore and run with the schools of Spinner Dolphins where they corral and hunt schools of bait together. In addition to trolling, we catch lots of tuna on poppers and live bait.

Wahoo are another school fish that are not affraid to attack in groups sometimes crushing every rod you have out. And wahoo make dynomite sushi and are delicious any you cook them.

Dorado / Mahi Mahi

These aggresive hunters provide many an angler with action throughout the season. Though here year round, they show up in mass during December and stick around in good numbers through February.

Fast and voracious, acrobatic and hard fighting, Dorado are hands down one of the most exciting fish to catch while in Costa Rica.

Mahi Mahi is one of the most consumed fish in the country, served in almost all restaurants grilled, fried, in various sauces and ceviche!

costa rica dorado

Seriously, don't hessitate...

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