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I have created this site in an effort to supply up to date information about the best Costa Rica charter boats. The boats I promote have steady crews that will speak English and treat my clients with respect and do their best to not only provide the fishing action, but make sure a great time is had by all.

Before booking your Costa Rica sport fishing charters , drop me a line for some honest advice and assistance with the preparation of your Costa Rica fishing vacation.

Booking your fishing charters late often has many downfalls. When you arrive in Costa Rica in the middle of the season and go to charter a fishing boat, you aren't necessarily informed that the good ones have probably been booked up for months and depending on how busy the town is, your agent could be scrambling for boats that are way down at the bottom their list.

Fishing means way too much, and an occasion as special as an opportunity to go sport fishing in Costa Rica does not deserve any second guessing when deciding which boat best fits your groups needs. The boats on this site have proven over and over again that they will bring my clients back to dock glad to have fished with them. My reputation is on the line each time you fish with me or on a boat that I recommend. I'm not going to gamble with less than the best, are you?
   ~Capt. Chris

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