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Marlin Fishing In Quepos, Costa Rica

So it's just another perfect day at the end of January '09 and I was bringing the Barnard group out for what would turn out to be the most exciting day they could have ever imagined while fishing in Quepos.

This time of year is just sunny and blue skies and the ocean was flat allowing us to virtually fly to the fishing grounds.

We were, as usual, the first boat to arrive on the grounds and I had a day of live bait fishing on my mind as i slowed to start trolling for bonitos. The first bait was caught right away and right away was rigged and swimming about 25 feet behind the boat. We caught another bait and just as I dropped it into the water a slammer of a Blue Marlin was beating our first bait with his bill.

I was able to get the rod and feed the bait to the monster before locking on! And the beast began his acrobatic runs as the fight began. It would be 2 hours and 45 minutes of three men passing the rod back and forth and giving their all to bring the beast to the boat.

With word of a tuna school just over the horizon, we quickly made a 7 mile run to find a pile of boats having already put the fish down and though they killed the 1 livebait we put down, the tuna didn't want to cooperate so I ran back to where we had our first marlin.

It wasn't long before we had a few baits out and the next marlin, a much smaller White Marlin...Fish On!!. This one went much faster and I had him by the bill in under 30 minutes.

The last fish came right on cue as I had just finished reporting to the boat with the other half of the group that we had released our second marlin and were intending on catching one more and then go home. It was precisely as I hung the mic on its clip that I noticed a Black Marlin greyhounding towards the short corner bait...Fish On!!

This marlin would take us nearly an hour before I could get my hands on it's bill and remove the hook. By the this time everybody was pretty ecstatic and exhausted as we reflected for a few minutes before getting a head start on the ride home.

This was a day to remember.

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