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Costa Rica Tuna and Wahoo

Both Tuna and Wahoo are recognized among the 3 fastest fish on the planet and you will see why after witnessing the amazing speed these fish display as they scream across the ocean ripping line from your reel.

Wahoo are another school fish that are not affraid to attack in groups sometimes bending every rod you have out. And wahoo are another table fare that goes however you cook it or don't cook it as it makes some of the finest sashimi on the planet.

Tuna are found year round at some areas but the bigger fish come through in schools usually with pods of Spinner Dolphins. We troll many tuna but the best way to coonsistantly but big fish on the hook is to use live bait.

Types Of Wahoo Fishing:


...will produce more and more consist and wahoo bites than anything and can be done in so many ways. When feeding near the surface, wahoo will boil on top water lures with aggressive bursts of speed that you will not see in other fish. The initial run of a wahoo lets you know for sure that that is what is on the other end of the line and don't stop there because wahoo don't ever give up without giving your drag systems a thorough workout.

Live Bait for wahoo can be tricky but with good technique can be very effective and has been known to bring many a wahoo to gaff. Do not by any means underestimate these fish! Wahoo must be handled with care from the moment you gaff or leader them to the release or death of the fish, you hear 'they'll take your finger off' about many fish, but a wahoo loose on the deck will take out your achilles in a flash.


...wahoo offers them a chance to rip the rod right from your hands as that is how the hit. I often fish a fast retrieve with my jig after working the bottom area and these fast retrieves often pay off with muscle tearing wahoo hits.

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