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Billfish Fishing In Quepos, Costa Rica

The Quepos, Manuel Antonio area is home to various bill fish tournaments including the annual 'Harry Grey' fly fishing tournament.

The typically calm seas, blue skies and abundance of sailfish and marlin attract anglers who are up for the challenge. Sailfish are among the fastest in the ocean and love to jump and tailwalk while marlin are a much tougher customer ranging in size from 150 pounds to close to 1000!

Types Of Bill Fishing:

Trolling the standard while looking for sailfish and marlin. Your crew puts out a spread that consists typically of an array of teasers and baits and essentially drag them around until something tries to eat them. What happens next depends on the crew and their techniques. A popular move is to bring the hungry fish towards the boat by playing 'keep-away' with the hookless teaser until he is close to the boat and then drop a rigged bait (typically ballyhoo) to the fish, let him eat and then lock up and wait for the drag to start screaming and expect your fish to start his aerial acrobatics almost immediately.

Live Bait many fisherman's 'go to' method of catching fish. You must first hunt your live bait and then have a means of keeping it alive (tuna tubes) or use it right away. Either way, you want your bait to fit your quarry - small bonito and big blue runners for the sails and preferably the larger bonito and small yellow fins and black fins if marlin are your primary target.

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