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Rooster Fishing In Quepos, Costa Rica

The Rooster Fish is probably the most prized of the Costa Rican inshore species. Their bull dog way of fighting with everything they've got right up until the end is one reason why and another is their incredible beauty.

Rooster Fish range in size from just about 15 pounds to well into to the 70 pound range with 40-60 pound fish not uncommon. Every thing about these fish is exciting from the way they'll chase a bait behind the boat with their tall dorsal slicing through the surface to the way they effortlessly peel the line from your reel as you do battle.

Types Of Rooster Fishing:

Live Bait absolutely necessary if you want to consistently do well on big rooster fish. Be it what it may, each type of bait has its own way to be fished and fish in different locations will have a preference for different bait depending where they are located.

Casting Poppers

...will buy more hits in some locations than in others and depending on the feeding that is going on. If you happen to witness a feeding frenzy where the fish are crashing baits all over the surface, and can get a cast into it, your lure will most likely be attacked. If you don't have the right scenario, casting until your arm wants to fall off can still prove futile.

Fly Fishing

...for rooster fish is as challenging as any fishing you'll do. While you will catch the occasional rooster fish while 'blind casting' into a surf break or the wash of a wave on a rock, but to consistently catch quality rooster fish on fly, you need to dedicate yourself to the same bait and switch technique that is used for billfish.

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