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Snook Fishing In Quepos, Costa Rica

The Snook in the Quepos area are among the largest in the world with the current and previous world record fish coming from the very rivers we fish. These records too are shattered every season by local fisherman who need the fish on the dinner table more than they care about IGFA stuff.

If you are looking for another fine table fare, you have it right here. Not every restaraunt offers snook on its menues because it is not that redily available, but if you happen to get the chance, bring some home for dinner.

Types Of Snook Fishing:

River Mouths

...are by far the most productive areas for snook fishing in the area, and depending on the seas, can be the most hair raising as well. The drill is to back the boat into the mouth of the river as far as the surf allows then cast the live bait (sardines) as deep into the mouth as possible. Next we drive the boat out beyond the breakers before the next set while letting the line slide off of the reel to allow the bait to stay put.


...plugs as close to the breakers produces some strikes and casting into the breaks is even more effective.


...with bucktails tossed into the waves brings its share of fish to the boat but there are many great ways to cast for Snook.

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