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Bottom Fishing In Quepos, Costa Rica

The bottom fishing in Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica consists of various types of snapper and grouper, Amberjack, the occasional Pompano and large Trigger Fish.

Some of the bottom fishing we are fishing in over 400 feet of water over structure while other spots are in less than 100.

Types Of Bottom Fishing:

Jigging an exciting way of fishing the whole water column and hammer away at everything from the bottom to the surface. The hits are aggressive and the fish typically big and strong.

Live Bait a great a way to catch snapper and grouper as any and we do our share. We have good schools of 'goggle eyes', 'blue runners' and 'sardines' and load up before heading to fish, the bottom dwellers are helpless against the temptations to devour our offerings.


...from an anchored boat attracts all sorts of action and is a great way to spend a night.

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