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Types Of Fish In Costa Rica

The fishing around Quepos and Manuel Antonio is just about as diverse and exciting as you are going to find anywhere in the South Pacific.

While boasting world class fishing for just about everything the South Pacific is known for, the area is especially well known for its numbers of large Pacific Sailfish, usually averaging around 120 pounds. We do catch the occasional small sailfish weighing in at around 80# as well as the larger fish with 160# or even 180# not being all that uncommon.

The angler who does his homework, though, knows that the area is much more than just the sailfish haven that makes it famous. The area holds good numbers of Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Striped Marlin and of course there are lots of Dorado (Mahi Mahi) reaching 70 pounds fairly regularly.

Coco Island lies offshore of Quepos and is one of the largest spawning grounds for Yellow Fin and Big Eye Tuna known to man. Both Yellow Fin and Big Eye Tuna over 200# and up to 300# are caught here every year and at the right time of year, the 30 to 60 pounders are pretty dependable with the 100-150's always close by.

Wahoo, one of my personal favorites, swarm around the offshore mounds and shelves that make up the underwater terrain.

Rooster Fish are by far the most highly regarded fish amongst the Pacific's inshore enthusiasts. These fish are taken commonly in excess of 40 pounds and 50's and 60's are a weekly occurrence.

Snapper (aka Pargo) fishing can be as much fun if not more than anything. We catch them both inshore and off and we have many more different types than I will mention. The big guys are the Cubera Snapper and while the norm are 20# to 40#, we catch them to about 70 pounds. Then you have the red and mutton that rival anything you will ever put on the dinner table.

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